Adir is a social and political activist from Jerusalem. In 2011, at the age of 17, founded the League of Neighborhoods for girls, Israel’s largest sports framework for women ever since. As girls from all backgrounds play in the league, it is renowned not only for promoting gender equality, but also for promoting tolerance and coexistence in one of the world’s most complicated, diverse cities – Jerusalem. Today, Adir is active politically and socially in the city in various initiatives, promoting tolerance and understanding between the different sectors in the city. He is amongst the leaders of the Hitorerut movement, the city’s largest pluralistic party, soon to serve as one of Jerusalem's youngest councilman ever.

In his lectures, Adir presents a unique, eye-level opportunity to engage with Jerusalem's current Political and Social challenges. He provides an authentic view on Israeli society from a young activist perspective and manages to inspire and move the crowd every single time.

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